Berry College is home to a local Elementary and Middle School located on Mountain Campus. They are a short distance from the WinShape residence hall, Friendship Hall, Pilgrim Hall and are directly opposite of Frost Chapel on the main road. A unit of Berry College’s Charter School of Education and Human Sciences, the private school provides education for children from kindergarten to the eighth grade, and offers a small classroom setting. The main building is where the kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms are located and the middle school is a separate building for sixth through eighth grade students. Each grade level teacher is accompanied by one or two assistants. A second college-student assistant may be necessary, depending on the needs of the students in that particular class. On average about seventy-five percent of the teachers at the Elementary and Middle School have earned master degrees and bring challenging curriculums to the students. The mission of the school is to provide life-long skills for the students through the education of head, heart, and hands (Berry College).


The Elementary and Middle School are located at Hamrick Hall, which was constructed between 1922 to 1923. The building has been used for various purposes in years since. The original building was designed by architects Collidge and Carlson of Boston. It was named the Foundation School Recitation Hall ("Berry Trails" 61). The building was renamed in 1960 to H. Grady Hamrick Hall in honor of the school’s first superintendent, from 1916 to 1945 ("Berry Trails" 61). Hamrick Hall has caught on fire twice since originally being built, once in 1955 and again in 1972, and each time the entire building has been gutted ("Berry Trails" 61). Early Sunday morning, November 27, 1955, Recitation Hall was in flames, destroying everything except the thick stone outer walls (“Schedule Continues” 1). Students attempted to fight the flames until the Rome Fire Department came, but they were too late to save anything (“Schedule Continues” 1). The cause of the fire is unknown; however, it is estimated that it caused a loss of $150,000 (“Schedule Continues” 1). After another devastating fire in 1972, Berry rebuilt the hall and added an updated facilities including air conditioning, classrooms, laboratories, offices, and an auditorium named after a long time friend of Berry College, Ervin A. Holit ("Berry Trails" 61). The school's goals have also changed over time. Initially, it was an all boys school where work and labor were strongly emphasized, a High School, and finally an Elementary and Middle School is its current function (“Isn’t That Some” 1; “Activities are Resumed” 1; "Berry Trails" 61).

Berry College Elementary school Hamrick Hall

Students accepted to the Berry College Elementary and Middle School must meet several requirements: such as age (respective to grade), high academic potential, a desire to learn, and appropriate behavior. Parents must also show their commitment to their child's academic career and take part in an interview. Applicants are required to complete an application, retrieve recommendations from both current teachers and a BCEMS admissions officer, and complete an academic and behavioral assessment. The schools tend to favor students previously enrolled in the Child Development Center, children of faculty and staff of the college, and siblings of students who already attend the school. Furthermore, special consideration is given into keeping the school diverse (Berry College).


There is a twenty five dollar fee for applying to the school and yearly tuition is approximately $8,375 for all grade levels. In addition to those base fees, there is a fee of five hundred dollars, that is non-refundable for the middle grades students, which is for field study and resources. Any new students are required to pay a $300 fee and the returning students have to pay a $150 fee for registration and materials. Financial aid and a monthly payment plan are available. The school has more than 30% of the students receiving some form of financial assistance (Berry College).

Student Activities

A variety of activities are offered for both Elementary and Middle School students including: sports, clubs, and after school programs. Eighty percent of Middle School students participate in athletics such as: cross country, track, tennis, basketball, and golf. The school is a host site for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Cub Scouts. An afternoon program called "Kid's College" is available after school, which allows the students to participate in activities such as: swimming, arts and crafts, and computer play. During this time they can get extra help on homework and assignments. There are also other activities at Kid's College such as dance, music, and yoga classes. The Middle School students participate in a project called "H3O", a community service organization. There are events hosted all throughout the school year, such as the great pumpkin race, bowling nights, bar-b-ques, etc. (Berry College).

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