Throughout Berry College’s history, several buildings have come and gone. They were either burned down, dismantled, or phased out for new purposes such as technology and industrialization. Of the eleven buildings that once were but are no longer, three were in the cottage area of the lower level of Berry College, one was on Mountain Campus, and the others were on the central main campus. From 1920 to 1950, six of these buildings were destroyed by fire and the remains dismantled, for they were not worth salvaging.

Main Campus and Mountain Campus

Fire proved to be the most common cause of death for these structures; the buildings were Brewster Hall, Crozer Hall, Rhea Hall, Emery Hall, and Pentecost Gymnasium. Buildings which were once disheveled, dismantled, and now re-purposed include the Print Shop, Laundry Area, Autoshop, Carpentry Shop, and the Old Dairy Complex. On the other hand, the Mountain Campus School store was removed completely from campus in the 1980's.

The Cottages

Crozer Hall

Four buildings in the cottage area no longer exist: Beverly Cottage, Elizabeth Cottage, Rhea Cottage and Rome Cottage.

Elizabeth Cottage

Elizabeth cottage was built in 1921 to be a recitation hall. It held classrooms on the first floor and an auditorium on the second. Once Berry College expanded, these classrooms no longer served any purpose and were then converted into a reception hall to be used for such activities as dinner gatherings, meeting places for organizations, and wedding receptions (Elizabeth Cottage). The cottage later burned in a massive fire on February 15th, 1975, destroying the building and leaving behind only some historical furniture carried out by students (Rome). Truly a tremendous loss for the Berry community.

Beverly Cottage

Built in 1914, Beverly Cottage was used as a domestic science building for several years (Beverly Cottage). The cottage was named after Ada C. Beverly who was a nurse for the school of girls, also served as a nurse in World War I. The building later became an apartment for staff members. In 1948, it burned in a fire and was dismantled. In 1920, a building was built to replace Beverly Cottage and was to be used as a classroom and a science laboratory, but it later became a school building for the children on campus, and was also destroyed by a fire and dismantled itself in 1948.

Rome Cottage

Built in 1911 as a donation from the Woman’s Club of Rome, Georgia, Rome Cottage provided a place for young girls to live with a teacher to learn the art of buying and preparing food within a set budget (Rome Cottage). The building burned down in 1914, just three short years after being built. Though it was later restored in 1916 in all its glory, on December 13th, 1995 the building was demolished.

Rhea Cottage

Rhea Cottage was named in honor of Ms. Berry's mother. Some refer to it as Boxwood Cottage, and it was established as an early dormitory for the staff. Originally, the second story was used for dorm rooms and the first floor was used for offices, such as a cashier’s office and Ms. Berry’s office. Later, the second story was converted into offices and a wing was added to the building for an on campus post office. A fire damaged the building to a great extent.


Crozer Hall was built in 1901 through contributions from Mrs. J. Lewis Crozer in memory of Mr. Crozer. It was built largely through student labor and originally used as a dorm, but eventually it was converted into apartments for some faculty. In 1927, a fire originating in the roof of the building, destroyed the hall. Now it is the site of Richards Gymnasium (Mount).

Emery Hall was a gift from Mrs. Emery and was built in 1910. The hall was used as a house for the full time workers, and normally housed fifty to sixty workers. Because of WWII, the hall was no longer used, so it was discontinued and in 1948, a pre-dawn fire damaged the building so badly that it was torn down.

Many other buildings were dismantled or destroyed as well. Brewster Hall was destroyed by a fire in November 6, 1920. The Old Dairy Complex was dismantled in order for the building of Normandy Dairy in 1937. The Pentecost Gymnasium was destroyed by a fire in the 1930’s. The Print Shop, Laundry, Auto Shop, and Carpentry Shop phased out between the 1920’s to the 1930’s. The Mountain Campus School Store was removed in the 1980’s (Berry). Regardless, Berry has had its share of architectural variety.

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