The Cook building is located on Berry's main campus next to Evans Hall and the outdoor classroom. It is also across from the Berry College Chapel, Dana Hall and Green Hall(Business classes). Currently, it houses the Charter School of Education and Human Science, as well as all of the psychology and sociology classes.

Martha Berry’s Request

Martha Berry, the founder of Berry College, originally submitted a request for donation of a new science and agricultural department in The Southern Highlander of October 25, 1934. In her letter, Miss Berry said, “The academic work will be seriously hampered if we do not obtain the new Agriculture and Science Hall.” On behalf of an anonymous donor in 1937, the new Agriculture and Science Hall was constructed. The new hall was built with bricks and timber produced by Berry College students. A contractor from Atlanta used the student workers to help construct the Cook Building as a test case to see if student labor saved money. His study found that student labor saved thousands of dollars (Cook Building 21).

Front View of Cook Building.

The Cook Building was originally constructed for science and agricultural studies and was known as “The Science-Agriculture Building” until 1960 (pg. 21, Cook Building). In March of 1960, the board of trustees voted to name the building the Cook Building from a recommendation by President John Bertrand. President Bertrand believed it to be a suitable name in honor of S. H. Cook, a long time friend of Martha Berry. Several substantial renovations were made to the inside of the Cook Building in 1968. In April 1977, $325,000 was allotted to the Cook Building from inheritance to Berry College by Eli Lilly. The Cook Building renovation cost around $4.9 million according to Dickey and Mathis from 2005. In 1990, the department of agriculture was moved to the Westcott Building. In 1995, a new computer laboratory was established in the Cook Building with the help of a $100,000 grant. These donations were from the Arthur Vinings Davis Foundations in Jacksonville, Florida. Funding for the science laboratory came from many sources and came to a grand total of $235,000. During the year of 2000, the Cook Building’s classrooms and laboratories were used by the departments of biology, chemistry, and physics. After the year 2000, a new science facility was opened in the Cook Building, which is still established up to date as the Charter School of Education and Human Sciences. (Cook Building 21)

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