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Built in 1937 by Berry College students, the Frost Memorial Chapel is located at the foot of Lavender Mountain. The chapel sits upon a hill in Mountain Campus, and is accessible by a scenic road known as "The Stretch". Wooden beams and beautiful, stainless glass windows make up the chapel's interior. Slate roofing is featured on the outside of the chapel, and has weathered over the years, adding to the chapel's aged appearance. Frost Chapel stands apart from other buildings on campus because it is crafted almost completely out of stone, and has a beautiful cross in the front arch way that is always shining. Students, faculty, and people in the community now enjoy the chapel for its scenic location and its wide range of 3.JPG


John Lawrence Frost
Before its construction, a wooden cross sat on top of the current chapel's hill which read "Chapel Needed" (Berry Trails). Funding for the construction of the chapel was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Howard Frost (Los Angeles, California), i
n honor of their deceased son John Frost. John had died of illness while on a trip through Italy. He attended Stanford University and was active in Christian work and the Y.M.C.A. (Frost Chapel). They came to the decision after seeing the wooden cross' message while attending a service at the Recitation Hall (Half Century), and because they were impressed with the religious life and attitude at Berry College. The college dedicated the chapel itself to John Frost on Thursday, October 14th, 1937. Henry Rimmer, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Dalton, was the speaker for the service (Frost Chapel).

The chapel was designed by Samuel Inman Cooper (Atlanta, Georgia), though the founder of the college, Martha Berry, had the final say in each detail, including the degree of the curve for the walkway (Berry Trails). Construction of the chapel began in 1936 and ended a year later in October 1937. The stained glass windows inside of the chapel are made of glass from various places including Germany, France, England, Belgium, and the United States (Gunn). The official dedication ceremony for the windows was held on January 13, 1957. The funding for the windows was given to the school by Georgia State Society, National Society, and the Daughters of the American Revolution in memory of the boys who died in World War II (Berry Trails). The plaque inside reads, "Dedicated to the glory of God and in memory of The Boys of Berry Schools who gave their lives for freedom's cause in World War II." The furniture inside the chapel is made of oak wood, and the pieces were built in the college cabinet shops by Berry students under the direction of Walter Oswald (Berry Trails). In addition, the Allen Organ resides in Frost Chapel. The organ was designed by Joseph Llorens, of Atlanta, and given to the chapel in 1971 (Gunn). In the past, services were held at the Frost Chapel every Sunday at 11:00 in the morning. Today, the chapel is used less frequently and is saved for special occasions such as weddings. In the past, the tradition held that only Berry alumni could book the chapel for weddings but recently the tradtion has changed and the chapel is open for anyone to get married.
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