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The Berry College International Program provides students the opportunity to expand their knowledge outside of the classroom by experiencing foreign cultures much different from their own. Students do this by traveling to different places in the world. The program, however, is not merely a vacation from [[#|classes]]. It supports students looking to explore foreign countries and cultural interests, while maintaining Berry College's motto of engaging the head, heart, and hands, and creating a community that understands the importance of cultural tolerance and exploration. This program consists of opportunities to serve, work, research, and also indulge in [[#|courses]] that explore various aspects of academic study. Students can travel to destinations like Africa, Asia, Europe, the Pacific Islands, Latin American, the Caribbean, and different parts of North America.


The Berry College International Program originally began as an interdisciplinary major that helped students who aimed for [[#|careers]] in government, law, international business, and college level teaching. In the early days of its existence, the program was set up so that students could focus on the Euro-centric principals of international law. It wasn't until the major began to grow in popularity that it expanded into the [[#|Study Abroad]] Program. The [[#|Study Abroad]] Program had [[#|programs]] mainly in Western European countries: such as England, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, and Spain. After many years, interest in more than just studying international law in Western Europe began to increase. The greater demand caused the program to expand into other countries, like Brazil, during the mid-1980s. At the [[#|start]] of the new millennium, the [[#|Study Abroad]] Program’s name was officially changed to the International Program because it expanded from just studying abroad to include other activities, such as volunteering and working overseas.

Types Of Programs

Berry College offers a variety of international [[#|programs]] that can match almost any student's specific interests, varying from helping children off the coast of Chile [[#|learn English]], to working in a bio-medical lab in India conducting scientific research. If a program that students are interested in is not being offered they can petition the International [[#|Programs]] Committee to approve the new program. The three major programs that Berry College offers for traveling abroad are studying abroad, working abroad, and serving abroad.

With [[#|study abroad]], students can choose to study at a university for course credit while in another country. If a student chooses to work abroad, they have the choice of joining an internship to further explore their study of interest, [[#|apply for]] a [[#|paid work]] exchange program, or [[#|teach English abroad]] as well as [[#|participate]] in international career fairs. Lastly, if a student chooses to [[#|volunteer]] abroad they can conduct community service to better the people and local community of their chosen region abroad. People that choose to [[#|volunteer]] abroad can also serve abroad with various organizations.

Duration Abroad

Students at Berry College have various times they can choose to study abroad. These trips can range anywhere from 3-5 days, a couple of weeks, a few months, or even a year. However, students do not have to just study abroad during the Spring and Fall semester; students can also choose to study abroad during summer months, as well as during school breaks.

Places To Go

Where to study abroad depends entirely on the person and their personal interests. Berry offers 30 study abroad programs on various continents such as Africa, Asia, Europe, the Pacific Islands, Latin America, the Caribbean, and North America. Berry also offers various places one can visit abroad based upon their discipline of study and where certain programs, such as internships and summer opportunities, are available.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Students who want to go abroad pay Berry tuition along with additional fees for items such as books, program application fees, program room and board, passports and visas‍‍‍‍‍.‍‍‍‍‍ There are also study abroad scholarships available for summer and semester terms abroad. Berry also provides ways for students who want to participate in a study abroad programs not offered at Berry.

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