Welcome to Marthapædia!

Named after the college's founder, Martha Berry, Marthapædia began as a graded project of Dr. Jordan Dominy's Fall 2012 English 101 students at Berry College. Work on this project was continued by his Spring 2013 English 101 students.

The goal of this assignment is to encourage students to apply the writing process from invention through drafting and collaborative revision in a medium used more and more often to share knowledge. Students are charged with the creation and maintenance of Marthapædia as a resource exploring the significance of Berry College's rich history and institutional culture. In order to do this, they will collaboratively write, revise, and edit articles about the history, events, people, places, and organizations of Berry College based in research conducted with primary and secondary sources.

Dr. Dominy's students can get more information about the assignment's guidelines at the Assignment Prompt page. Each page has a discussion tab students can use to collaborate on revision or expansion strategies pertaining to that article. Students can collaborate with other students on design, appearance, and organization issues related to Marthapædia through these discussion pages. Students should also know and abide by the 10 Commandments of Marthapaedia.

Dr. Dominy's students work primarily with resources available in the Berry College Archives, which are housed in Berry College's Memorial Library. Please visit their websites for information about the Archives, the Library, and their holdings.

For more information about Berry College, visit www.berry.edu. If you have questions about this wiki, contact Dr. Jordan Dominy.

The content of these webpages is the product of students' research and their interpretation of primary and secondary materials; it is the sole responsibility of the individual authors.